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A home is most likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in your life. With many thousands of dollars on the line when buying a house you especially want to sweat the details when looking into home loans Las Vegas. Since even a small difference in the interest rate can add up to big bucks.

Problem is first time buyers often can’t present a compelling enough financial picture to be seen as highly qualified for Las Vegas mortgages. Or they lack a sufficiently strong credit history to qualify for the best interest rates.

This is why it often helps to know what NOT to do prior to seeking a Las Vegas mortgage.

For starters a big no no is taking on more debt. Like for a car. Flat screen TV. Or new furniture for the living room. Especially unwise if you’ll be stretched to make the house payment as it is. Avoiding going on the hook for another substantial monthly payment can sometimes make the difference between the Las Vegas bank approving or not approving you for the mortgage you seek.

Now’s also not the time to change jobs. Even though it often VA Mortgage Las Vegas won’t matter if you’ll be making more money and are paid a salary. But that’s not the case if you’re paid on commission. While changing careers and taking a pay cut to do so won’t reflect positively on your ability to pay.

Being approved for any home loans, Las Vegas or elsewhere, also requires money for the down payment. How much you’ve got and the source of the funds will be verified. This means you can’t make a withdrawal from the “Bank of Mom and Dad” the day of the closing to come up with the down payment. Typically you’ll have to show the funds have been in your account for 60, or in some cases, 90 days.

Sadly, qualifying for Las Vegas home loans is just one side of the coin. First time buyers in particular may be subject to shock and awe at how little their monthly payment will buy. Which will leave them with fewer desirable choices of houses to pick from.

The average middle class household is carrying $8,653 in credit card debt. Is it any wonder Las Vegas mortgage lenders.

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