How excessive use of gadgets can affect your health

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How excessive use of gadgets can affect your health


The use of electronic devices is increasing day by day, and people fear that it’ll increase further due to the technological revolution that’s come into the world. The use of these gadgets has made our lives a lot easier and comfortable, but it comes with some disadvantages too. The times of radio and VCR has gone too far away televisions and mobile phones have taken their place. Overuse of these gadgets make you pay the price for it, and it’s in the form of your health. Moreover, it’s not a fair deal for you. So, it’s better if you know about the harms of these gadgets on your body and mind and here, we’ll discuss the problems that might affect your health.

Nothing is more significant than your health, and you should keep your body safe from any kind of harms. It includes monitoring and restricting the use of some things, like your mobile phones, computers, televisions, or gaming console, etc. These things are hazardous for your health if you ignore them.

Effects on health

High tech electronic gadgets can have a chronic impact on your health. The radiations from these devices can harm your body if it’s exposed for an excessive period to these radiations. They can directly affect the cell composition of your body and cause critical diseases. Other than this, the blue light coming from the screen of these gadgets can affect your health in different ways too. It can affect you equally, mentally, and physically. Here are some things that may be affected by these gadgets:


The drying of eyes due to over screening is a common problem. It can weaken your eyesight and jeopardize your eye’s ability to focus. The strain on eyes after prolonged use of electronic gadgets is a common symptom. The cosmetic damages include dark circles and bags under eyes. The blue light can be hazardous for your growing child and can affect their eyes more as they’re more sensitive.

Emotional behavior

Studies have proven that excessive use of gadgets can cause changes in your behavior, i.e., aggressiveness. Over-screening can cause stress over your brain, which can further affect your emotional reaction. Over-screening can also cause depression, insomnia, etc. The radiations from these devices can affect the production of various hormones, like melatonin the hormone which is responsible for sleep. It can cause insomnia or oversleeping routines.


Sitting in the same stance for a prolonged period can cause pain in the back and neck. Excessive use of handheld gadgets can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling in hand joints. If you ignore these acute pains, they can lead to some severe issues in both adults and children. Due to less physical activity, it can cause obesity. Obesity is a serious problem and can cause many issues in relation to hypertension, diabetes, depression, etc.

How you can prevent these problems

The major cause for these problems is due to the overuse of electronic gadgets and can be prevented by restricting the time and usage of these devices.  Your developing child needs a safer environment for proper growth, and abuse of these gadgets can drain all the energy out, which is essential for its growth. You should monitor your child’s activity on devices and restrict timing; we’ll advise you to use apps like MSpy through which you can watch over your child no matter where you are. Avoid excessive use of these devices and prevent yourself from many problems that may have destroyed your life, or the life of your treasured ones.


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